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Choose life and click! What makes no sense is someone could kill a pregnant woman and get "2" life or a death sentence's. Butt to kill a child whom nothing is wrong with. It's okay for a woman to take that life for any reason.- "ANY"- "Her choice" The law has many courts you have to go thru. before you go to jail or to death. And yet with a single thought put her child to death?

If before your son or daughter was of age to be on there own,

and mentally you were not there for them..

Would they search for that they did not have?

5.Shown a path
For if none were implemented can you imagine the things they would cling to?
1.Lust for love they did not receive.
2.Hate, not God, would be his world.
3.Confusion at every turn instead of a path to guide them.
4.Lack of self-esteem and self worth by not having encouragement.
5.Alcohol and drugs could, if not right away, could become apart.
6.Feeling alone.

For if you do not teach and set an example in God, your children will wander. It is our responsibility to teach by example. For god is the light. And the way to guide your life and to guide your children's life that God has given you as a father responsibility.

For if you are not here, they will find a way. You allow things to come into their life, influences possible of Satan.

Instead of truly loving, not knowing how, being fast to temper, bouncing from one job to another, never being grounded. It takes five years for a child to become stable after a divorce, add five more years for every person you bring in during that first five years.

You see how important it is to be in God's word, God's glory, and making solid decisions through God in your life. Being a father is not a joy you take lightly.

I've seen a father spank his children, and not love them afterwards. They say "IM mad, and I don't feel like loving them right now." But that's the time that they need you the most. Children need to know that you still love them. As fathers we need to be more compassionate. To show our children how much God and we as fathers love them. For if you believe in God, and you love your children, can you imagine how difficult it was for God to allow Jesus to be tortured, spit and beat upon? And if you do not bring your children up right, it may come to things that our Jesus went through. Just as the lord will forgive you If you ask him to with all your heart. So shall you as fathers forgive at the point of forgive your child. The lord does not say I forgive you, but you must suffer a while longer until I am no longer angry. The lord takes away every sin like it never existed. So shall we as fathers forgive are own children of what they do.

But you see in the papers all the time parents abusing their children, coming home beaten because they were where they should not have been.

Confusion, not making or not being able to truly commit to one thing. Being afraid to succeed because they were not shown through God. God does not want our children scattered. He wants them to cleave to you, and most important, to him our God.

How many people do you know that their children have been on drugs, or have died from them? When you are on drugs, you will do and say anything to get them. Drugs are a falsehood sent by Satan, to cloud our minds against God. I've known to many people who have lost their jobs, there lives, and children needing attention from their mom's and dads. Enough is enough. Drugs pacify us to where we do not care what happens.

Show interest in their activities. From the time they begin to learn, show enthusiasm. Be committed, stand firm in God to show you, as a father, what to do. Show them how to respect them selves as well as others. It is not enough to believe that your child will somehow, by osmosis, will know you love them. And God says he loves you. You, as fathers, must stress when you say "I Love You son or I Love you daughter." Not once a week, or month, it should be a daily gift of love, as you walk daily with God. They must feel embraced by you. As God loves you. A child must feel it and hear it.......

Parents let me leave this with you.

Romans 5:19 For as one man's disobedience many were made sinners,

so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

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How to be saved?

Steve Wilson

Missouri "sww1608@yahoo.COM"